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Board of Directors

Board of

Portrait of founder, Kyle Loh


Kyle Loh

President & CEO

Kyle Loh is a remarkable 25-year-old Taiwanese/American Race Car Driver. His love for speed is only surpassed by his dedication to making a difference. Diagnosed with autism and ADHD at an early age, Kyle channels his passion for racing into creating opportunities for other neurodivergent individuals. In 2022, Kyle founded Dreamzilla, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the neurodivergent community. Dreamzilla’s mission is to help other neurodivergent individuals find success by cultivating their unique talents and pursuing their passions. For Kyle, racing isn’t just about crossing the finish line, it’s about breaking barriers for a more inclusive world. His goal is to showcase that drive and compassion can fuel success both on and off the circuit for all neurodivergent individuals.

Portrait of Co-Founder, Ken Loh


Ken Loh

Treasurer & Secretary

Ken spent the first half of his career working for creative agencies as a designer, art director, and creative director, where he developed solutions for a diverse range of clients such as Coca-Cola, Columbia Pictures, NBA, NFL, NHL, Pioneer Electronics, Reebok, and Sega of America. The second half of his career included serving as Director of Creative Services at Yahoo! Search Marketing, as VP of Global eCommerce at Oakley/Luxottica, and since 2012 has been enjoying his dream job at Apple. As Kyle’s father, he witnessed an autistic child’s endless drive to perfect his talent and achieve his dream of racing professionally despite the challenges he faced. Kyle’s determination to leverage his experiences to help others inspired Ken to co-found Dreamzilla with him.

Rebecca Hernandez-Furmanski, MBA

Advisory Board Member

Rebecca is currently a Behavioral Analyst at The Stepping Stones Group – transforming the lives of children, families and communities together through their exceptional therapeutic and behavioral health services. Rebecca owned and managed TB Stone Professional Patient Advocacy and was an Adocate Director with a technical west coast neurological institute for pain management surgery center. She had prior stints with Philip Morris, Wyeth (now Pfizer), Takada Pharmaceutical and Cancer Treatments of America. Rebecca is a lifelong patient advocate for telemedicine and information specialist care in the USA. Specifically trained by industry at Duke, Northwestern, Rush, University of Chicago, Cook County, and Silicon Valley medical clinical rotation. She  holds memberships with Pharmaceutical Roundtable, IDSA, SCCM, ATS, and ACEP. Additionally, Rebecca holds a real estate license with Coldwell Banker and previously owned/operated a small chain of Shell franchise stations.

Rebecca Furmanski

Advisory Board Member

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