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Everyone aspires to do something amazing in their lifetimes.

For the neurodivergent community however, society makes assumptions about their abilities (or lack thereof) and communications skills simply because they don’t look or act like everyone else.

Dreamzilla was created to help individuals in the neurodivergent community achieve their dreams that would otherwise feel impossible to do. Through resources, scholarships and partnerships, Dreamzilla helps neurodivergent individuals navigate common struggles in order to support cultivating their talents towards their goals. Dreamzilla also provides education and resources for families, educators, and organizations, looking to be more knowledgable allies.

Dreamzilla is just getting started! With your donation, you would be helping us fund our scholarships, foster new partnerships, and expanding our resources.

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Donations to Dreamzilla, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, are tax deductible.