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You can be the reason a slumbering talent erupts.

Somewhere, an artist is creating a masterpiece…an athlete is on the sidelines perfecting their technique…a genius is trying to make the world a better place. 

But for some reason or another, obstacles stand in their way. Dreamzilla relies on donations from people like you to accomplish our mission of helping neurodivergent people thrive and develop their talents to become their biggest, baddest selves.

All direct donations will be allocated to scholarship awards, so you can rest assured that your contribution is directly impacting a deserving individual. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated!

Ways to contribute:

Make a donation

We use Zeffy (formerly Simply), the only platform for non-profits that gives us 100% of your donations. 

Check with your employer to see if they offer donation matching and take your charitable efforts further!

Join Our Exclusive Community

Join our online community to unlock exclusive access to behind the scenes content, connect with like-minded people and to speak with our team!

Donate monthly to join our online community.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are grateful for anyone who can volunteer their personal time to help us achieve our mission. Check out our opportunities below: