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An inspiring story of drive and success

At a young age, our founder Kyle Loh was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. As a child, Kyle struggled socially and fell victim to bullying. As he progressed through school, the obstacles he faced seemed to be getting higher.

While he has always been obsessed with cars and racing, Kyle never imagined that he would one day achieve his dream of becoming a race car driver. His confidence had diminished so much and to achieve success in racing required not only a large amount of funding but also the ability to be an articulate brand ambassador for sponsors. It seemed the odds were stacked against him, but Kyle leveraged some of his autistic qualities and discovered his talent.

Despite starting at the relatively late age of 15, Kyle found success in competitive karting. He subsequently moved into open-wheel racing and in his first year racing F4 in the Formula Pro USA West Coast Championship, Kyle finished as Vice-Champion. He followed that campaign with a third-place finish in 2019. Due to the pandemic, Kyle did not race at all in 2020, but in 2021 he moved up to F3 and ended the season as Champion in the Formula Pro USA F3 West Coast Championship. 

Racing gave him a voice and platform to advocate for neurodiversity, and he is passionate about helping others like him achieve success.

“As a person with autism, I have a tendency to obsess over my interests. Routines come naturally to me, so I really see my condition as an asset which helps me stay laser-focused behind the wheel.”

Kyle’s experience taught him there are many ways to overcome the obstacles life can throw at you. Living with autism is an ongoing journey, but he is well on his way to becoming his biggest, baddest self. Kyle created Dreamzilla to help others obtain similar opportunities and achieve their dreams.

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