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Unleash your gargantuan talent into the world.

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Neurodivergent people can sometimes be underestimated, but they have incredible talents and are far more capable than they are given credit for. All human beings can do amazing things, and sometimes they just need a little power-up to turn a marginalized individual into their biggest, baddest self. 

Dreamzilla exists to help neurodivergent individuals pursue their passions and realize their dreams. The opportunities we create can provide neurodivergent people a launching pad for them to accomplish their dreams. 

How to apply:

We are collecting stories of deserving individuals who can demonstrate a strong desire to cultivate their talents into worthwhile pursuits. Share yours with us today to become a candidate for consideration.

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For more details, read our Scholarship Policy 

While we can’t award scholarships to everyone, we love celebrating the amazing things human beings can do. We invite you to participate in our #dreamzillaproject and inspire others with your accomplishments.

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